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14 Jan

Continuing the theme of self-care and mental health, the following “reblog” discusses the process and benefits of meditation. Enjoy!

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You know that you need to take care of yourself and learning to meditate and making time to meditate everyday can be a big part of that.
With meditation you can improve your health, your mind and your emotional attitude.
You do not have to be religious to meditate, you do not have to belong to a cult to meditate! What you do need to do is make time to meditate. This is a great skill to add to your arsenal of ways to take care of yourself and to create and nurture your total image!

There are many many religions that do practice meditation. That is not because meditation is religion based but because the practice of meditation can help you find your  spiritual self and then for you to clear your mind and meditate on your faith and your relationship with your Diety is a common objective shared…

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Sanity Breaks

8 Jan

Today’s weather was unseasonably warm. Light jacket, no scarf, no hat. Now, while it wasn’t warm enough for me to go frolicking in the streets of NYC wearing a bikini, the 57 degrees in January did feel pretty great! Before running a few errands and jumping  into my Saturday afternoon, I decided to take what I call my daily “sanity break.” Sanity Breaks are what I jokingly refer to as personal time. Let’s face it, life can be so overwhelming and stressful. With all of the academic, professional, personal, and familial responsibilities we juggle in our daily lives, it’s easy to forget a little self-care. In my opinion, these daily sanity breaks have been key to helping me maintain a healthy mind and body.

The term “psychosomatic” is a term used in psychology to refer to a cognitive theory which in short states: as the mind goes, so does the body. When the mind becomes frazzled and overly stressed, the body will begin to physically manifest these feelings as well. Headaches, body tension, jittery muscles, even stomach nausea can be the body’s way of saying you have reached your emotional limit. As a mild preventative, I’ve found that sanity breaks: allow time away, resulting in a clearer perspective on stressful situations, create space for the calming and re-centering of emotions, and provide opportunities to complete enjoyable tasks which always mean to get done, but are often postponed for things deemed “more important.” Coupled with brief meditations and deliberate deep breathing, sanity breaks have truly helped to keep me, well, SANE! .. LOL :]).

Generally, there is no one way to spend your personal / sanity break time. However, for it to work effectively, you must completely remove yourself (mentally and physically) from any and all stressors. That means no multitasking during lunch hours. No checking or replying to work emails. No wondering about that last item on your “to-do” list. No stressing about what bill to pay or what meal to fix your children for dinner. This self-imposed time-out is all about enjoying you. And no-nonsense about not having enough time to dance in a field of sunflowers for an entire afternoon. I took a quick 15 minutes to enjoy an overly complex Starbucks frappuccino (yes, I’m one of those!) while sitting on a park bench enjoying the breeze. It was glorious and in that little bit of time, I felt rejuvenated and ready to return to the real world to kick some butt! Don’t wait for a near breakdown or some vacation scheduled months out on a calendar to take some much needed selfish time. The relaxation you will feel afterward will be worth it : ])

When was your last “Sanity Break?” .. What sort of things do you enjoy ?