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Oh God, It’s Monday Already??

10 Jun

The impending work-week pressure of “it’s Monday” can be SO overwhelming. What has helped me? Remembering to take it one goal, one task, one moment, one breath at a time. Then? Celebrating any achievement I made that day, no matter how small the victory, and especially on my rough days! Ultimately, realizing that some days might be a set-back is also key to not berating oneself over a seeming loss of emotional progress. We are human … with different biological makeups and different coping strategies. Yes! Some days you will want to scream, panic, pull at your hair, and run out the office door arms flailing towards the nearest cave to hide. In those few moments before you bolt, stop, take a breath, and find your center (what I call a calm mental space free stressors). Believe me, as scattered as your internal compass may feel, a core source of peace lies within you. With a little help / practice from a trained professional, you too can gain the tools to call upon it at will.