1 Mar

for the joy of it

I love giving acupuncture to kids.

For one thing, they’re a lot easier to work with than adults, largely because they haven’t been on the planet long enough to accrue all this stuff that we older folk gather: beliefs, injuries, beliefs about our injuries, stress, you know.

An acupuncture treatment for a child, therefore, usually only takes about half an hour.  Which is good, because it’s hard for them to hang out longer than that.  Once they start coming to balance, that energy just comes bursting out.

They don’t mind needles, for the most part, though I will work without needles if I need to use a point that I know will grab a bit.  Working with my hands as the needle has the added benefit of really engaging with the child’s energy, and they will just lock on to the whole experience.

My first child patient was my 3 year…

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