14 Mar

A bit of humor as hopefully the winter season winds down to a close : ])

Thought Catalog

It’s that time of year. The time when everyone is coughing up a bloody lung and sniffling in a weird chorus of sniffles. Everyone is getting sick. It’s all around you. You’ll never escape the whirlwind of tissues and tea. Now, you might think that it’s inevitable that you too will get sick. How can you avoid it? Fear not! Here are some ways to stay healthy when everyone around you is getting sick.

1. Do not touch or kiss anyone ever again

Even if they seem healthy, you never know what could be brewing under the surface. Maybe they have a throat tickle they just haven’t told you about. If you do accidentally make human contact, be sure to slather the area with hand sanitizer and aloe vera. Love is not the antidote. It is the disgusting virus spreader that we willingly engage in because of some deep hole…

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