Navigating surgery when your child has autism – Pointers from a mom

30 Apr


AutismSurgeryThe prospect of your child going into surgery is daunting for all of us, but what if your child struggles to integrate stimuli from the surrounding world? What if the simple and act of a new nurse coming in and putting a new notification bracelet on your child’s wrist without warning is enough to send your child under the table for half an hour? What if your child going in for surgery also has autism?

Mac is a sweet, creative and observant 9-year-old. He is in a regular third grade class, where he participates, plays and learns right alongside his classmates, but in preschool it became clear that Mac had some sensory processing issues. In Kindergarten he was officially diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Autism is often a hidden disability; there is no wheelchair or cane that indicates disability, but the reality is that autism can provide significant challenges to everyday…

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