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Lending a Helping Hand to Families in Need

30 May


Looking for a quick and easy way to give back? Please consider donating today! Donation to support the families of Hale House.

Deadline: Saturday, June 29th


Baby Meets World: A Conversation with the Author

24 May

When science, health, & the human experience meet. Great, interesting read.

The Science of Mom

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from Nicholas Day’s new book, Baby Meets World. If you missed it, check it out to learn how modern hunter-gatherer societies raise children, and how that task is supported by not just by hard-working mothers but the entire culture. It’s good stuff.

After reading his book, I had lots of questions for author Nicholas Day. Today, I bring you our conversation about his book and on the roles of science, culture, and instinct in parenting.

Alice: Becoming a parent changes all of us. What was it about your particular transition to fatherhood that made you want to research and write this book, to dive into the history and the science of parenting in a way that extended beyond your own reality of parenting?

IMG_4413Nicholas: In a way, I think it was the part of me that wasn’t changed that led to this book: I had stupid…

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The Future Doesn’t Wait

2 May


… Something to think about as our government quibbles and plays politics with our future. Image provided by The National Black Child Development Institute