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Adult Journey with Braces: Half-Way There!

7 Jun

Quick Update –

FINALLY got my bottom braces taken off today! … HURRAY! … This is after spending:

1) Six months of wearing a “Habenger Bar” wired through my braces to the roof of my mouth. The bar worked to “teach” my tongue proper positioning, ultimately correcting my slight lisp. A tongue lisp which, over the years, had been responsible for pushing my teeth forward and out of wack .


2) 2.5 yrs in full “micro” braces. These braces are smaller that your usual wire braces (so tiny they are nearly un-noticeable) and allowed my dentist more freedom (when compared to Invisalign) to adjust my pearly whites. I head back to the dentist in three weeks; the top braces may come off then!

As you can see, I’m all smiles!!