July Intern

4 Aug

A compassionate “day in the life” perspective through the eyes of a medical intern.


On the 31st day of residency –  I think that was yesterday, although I can’t be sure, days morph into nights that morph into an artistic blur akin to a Jackson Pollock canvas. But I digress.  July 31, the last day of the first month of residency.  The last day of being a July Intern.

I was working in the emergency room.  Dental traumas, angry tonsils, bad falls, abscesses, new onset of diabetes.  And then her.  I met her in one of the smaller room off to the side.  She greeted me with a broad smile and that simple carefree attitude the wee ones carry so effortlessly.  She had had some pain and found to have old fractures on imaging studies.  Some lab work at her primary care physician’s office was abnormal.  I was the first doctor to see her and her family.  I listened to the story, asked…

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