The Golden Hour.

14 Aug

Spirit of Giving

Jennifer Jollymore is a registered nurse in the Birthing Unit at the IWK Health Centre – a leading centre of excellence that provides quality care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritime provinces and beyond. 

I’m sometimes amazed at how much change I’ve witnessed with regards to skin-to-skin contact (SSC) in the four short years since I graduated nursing school and began my career at the IWK Health Centre as a Birth Unit nurse. Not that long ago, it was still common practice for babies to be delivered and immediately transferred to the resuscitation area, whether they were at risk of needing resuscitation or not. The baby would be dried and then swaddled with blankets before being brought back to the parents for cuddles.

Sometimes, any number of interventions could take place between delivery and cuddles with mom and dad. Weighing, measuring, eye ointment, vitamin K injection, newborn head-to-toe…

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