You’re Not Alone; Sisters Fighting Breast Cancer Together

26 Aug

A beautiful story of one sister’s love and dedication as she supports her sister through an unexpected cancer diagnosis

Child Life Mommy

This is a story about one woman’s courage to help fight her sister’s breast cancer.

As a fellow child life alum at Bank Street, Kim is using the skills that she has learned to help support her sister, find ways to cope and navigate on the devastating news of the diagnosis.

I encourage the readers to share her story, learn coping strategies and try to stay optimistic when faced with difficulties in your life.

Here is Kim’s story:

bcc675ec-441b-4fda-bfc1-236ecd4acadeI decided to become a child life specialist after volunteering on the pediatric floor of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I loved helping families through one of the hardest moments in their life. It was immensely gratifying to be let into a child’s world and to be part of the healing process. My thought was that I cannot change their medical outcome but I can make someone’s day better.

As a volunteer…

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