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“Hippie Things”

4 Oct

I stumbled upon this great organic farmers market / holistic living street fair not long ago during my trip home to Connecticut during the Labor Day holiday. The focus of the market was centered primarily on clean eating and health living (self care). Raw / organic fruits and veggies, all natural beauty supplies (made from goat’s milk), creative arts corners, $5 massages from a licensed massage therapist, and live music were just some of the great vendor options available. SO awesome, I even convinced mom to get her 1st massage ever. She loved it ^_^ .. Just wanted to share a quick personal video from a wonderfully peaceful, fun day.


The importance of getting a Masters in Child Life

3 Oct

Another excellent post from Shani Thorton highlighting the field of Child Life and my Graduate School alma matter, Bank Street College of Education .

Child Life Mommy


If you follow the Child Life Council and have read their latest Bulletin, then you are aware of the current changes in progress. As of 2022, all Certified Child Life Specialists must hold a Masters in Child Life (Child Life Council Bulletin, 2013, p.7).

Undergrad students who plan on becoming a child life specialist may question if they think it is necessary to get a Masters.  Well my answer would be yes and I am here to tell you about one of the most esteemed child life programs in the country, Bank Street College of Education.


Currently there are only four Masters in Child Life Graduate programs in the country. Bank Street has always met the requirements of the Child Life Council (CLC) and has actually gone above their requirement of fieldwork hours from 480 to 600. There are many amazing reasons why Bank Street is the best fit…

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