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What’s In My Purse?

21 Mar

Surviving wait times with little ones!

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


As the mother of children, especially children with disabilities, I have been a frequent visitor to emergency rooms. It didn’t take me long to realize that those hours spent W A I T I N G were tedious for my kiddo and myself. In fact, for my kiddos with ADHD, they could be dangerous. With Steven, he would open all of the drawers and fling the contents onto the ground, swing from the air hoses and climb on top of the curtain. He was generally uncontrollable in an environment that he saw as a playground and I saw full of dangers that would land him in an emergency room for a reason other than for that which we had come! I had a knot in my stomach and tears of frustration. The emergency room staff and I finally learned that the only examining room suitable for Steven was one for…

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Child Life Month: Surprise Feature via The Starlight Foundation!

18 Mar

In honor of “Child Life Month,” The Starlight Foundation, which supports Child Life Specialists as they develop holistic programing and positive coping modalities for children and families under stress during pediatric hospitalizations has chosen to feature and acknowledge respective therapists from across the country. Click here for my feature! Thank you so much Starlight Foundation NYC! … Your unwavering support of happy, healthy children is amazing!


Child Life Tip of the Day!

13 Mar

Children are multi – modal learners. Simply put, this means that there is no “one size fits all” way to teach / reach children when relaying new information. This is especially true when attempting to impart complicated medical jargon to school-age children. Keeping things simple by using quick hands-on activities that incorporate the 5 senses (touch, sound, taste, smell, and hearing) can be a novel way to keep kids engaged as they learn about their bodies and possible medical treatment options.

Below, is a sticker patient activity medical students and I utilzed to teach young ones about their bodies, including lessons on specific organs, their various functions, and propper names using bright colorful stickers and lables. Our health fair table (last summer) was a big hit! Simple activities such as these, found at Oriental Trading Company, can make learning not only interesting but fun as well!