The Elevator Talk

10 Oct


The Elevator Talk

Describe what you do, in ten seconds or less.  For some of you, no doubt this is a very easy task.  For the child life specialists (among others!) out there, I know that this is nearly impossible. 

Picture this: you’re in the elevator, carrying an assortment of board games or, more probably, an unlikely assortment of items like IV tubing, a couple of Insyte needles, poker chips, and a stuffed frog.  You stop on the third floor and in steps someone in a nice suit, without stains of what may be urine or may be water color on their scrub pants- and they ask you what you do.  You say, “I’m a child life specialist!”  Cue the blank stare.

Child life, while a wonderful field, is not an illustrative term for what we do- and to be fair, it’s hard to come…

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