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Words to live by ..

5 Apr

“Don’t waste your talent …” ~ Sunny, from “A Bronx Tale”

One of my favorite personal mottos … from one of my favorite movies ever. A mom leisurely stopped by my office today. After a few laughs, she we went on to talk about the advocacy work she does with Autistic children and families in the academic setting, specifically working to help parents obtain the correct IEP for their child. She said to me

.. that is my gift, fighting for others. I didn’t go to school for it .. don’t have any degrees .. but I know, it’s a gift God gave to me and I’m gonna use it! We all have special gifts, and honey, patience and working with kids? .. Now that’s yours!

I laugh because while it isn’t the 1st time I’ve heard I have a knack for working with kids, it is the 1st time that someone has called my level of patience a gift .. LOL! .. I personally feel I’m still working on that aspect of myself. I guess sometimes, we may not always recognize the gifts we possess … sometimes it takes a kind heart to point it out : ])