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Questions about Child Life Internships!

7 Nov

The following was asked by Child Life student “Caitiefab” on my former Tumblr account on 10/10/11:

“Hi I’m a child life student in nj getting ready to apply for internships & graduation! This site has been soooo helpful, I love what you’re doing! Do you have tips or advice for me as I look for an internship? It’s been difficult so

Hello Caitiefab,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read some of my posts. I’m so glad that you’ve found then to be helpful! If you have any ideas or topics that you would like me to discuss, please let me know. I’m here to help. Now, on to your questions : ]

You said that you are prepping for graduation as well as beginning the process of looking for internships. Below are a couple of tips that I’ve found to be very helpful for both myself and others:

1) During your search, have you had the help of your school or advising office? I ask only because for many students, the process of gaining internships often becomes much easier when they appear to have the backing/support of the school they attend. Many Child Life programs like to have a school reference point. For example: “Oh yes, student (name), attends (school name) .. I spoke with her adviser the other day” comes across a lot better than you yourself making a few random “cold calls” to their office on a Monday morning.

2) Consider volunteering. Many Child Life internships are looking for students who have some experience with children in the medical setting. Often times, volunteer services for pediatrics are directly linked to the Child Life program for that particular hospital. When contacting volunteer services (which may be much easier to do if you are looking for / searching for internships on your own), inquire about Child Life. You may end up getting much needed volunteer hours out of the way while finding a direct contact to Child Life staff at the same time!

3) Have you joined the “Child Life Council? As you may know, they are the governing body of the Child Life profession and they have a wealth of information, including seeking an internship ( The official membership fee for current students is discounted and believe me, when you are ready to study for your certification exam or look for job in the field, council membership will be a great thing to have!

Those would be my top three tips for you. I hope they guide you toward the internship you are looking for.

Best of luck,