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“Meatless Month” Part 2 … Could You Survive?

17 Mar

Before you start to think this post is about trying another fad diet let me stop you there. This is not about losing weight; to the contrary, I’ve been trying to fatten up, but that’s a story for another day. For me, this is about cleansing. Those who know me, know that I’m pretty much a black hippie : ]). I’m one of those herbs blending, natural oils mixing, clean eating (*coughs* occasionally) all around hokey types. As such, every once in a while I get on this kick where I honestly grow tired of meat and have this burning desire to cleanse my entire system. Personally, the best way I’ve found to achieve this is by giving up meat all together for a while. Now when I say giving up meat, I mean all meat … beef, pork, red meat, chicken .. Cold turkey” ..  For a least one month I plan go full full scale pescetarian where I eat veggies, seafood, fruit and the like. Just no meat from any four legged animal.

By now by this point you’re probably thinking one of two things: 1) “A month? How hard could that be?” .. which in that case you’re probably already vegan or vegetarian … kudos to you … OR … 2) “Wait, no chicken??” .. lol .. a response I received from a number of friends when I first gave this a try.

This will be my second journey with trying “Meatless Month.” About two summers ago, I first tried my hand at my at this and quite honestly, it was hard. It felt like what I would imagine an intense 5-week drug rehab / detox session would be like. Some days the food (meat) cravings were so intense … underneath my usually happy demeanor, was an undercurrent of grumpiness … I often daydreamed of the delicious meals I missed or had reoccurring thoughts of what meal would taste even better if only there were meat added. After two weeks the thrill of creating cool new seafood dishes wore of and quickly gave way to annoyance when I had to cook or simply figure out what my food options were. Honestly, I almost didn’t make it to the end of the month, but when I did, I gorged on a giant deluxe topping pizza in celebration! 🙂

So it begs the question then, why do it? Why go through all this trouble and put myself through meat detox again? In short, while I was difficult, my body never felt better. My insides felt lighter … no heavy weighed-down feeling in my stomach, typical symptoms of my cycle (cramps, bloating, headaches, etc) seem to all but disappear, my complexion cleared and glowed more than usual … my body just worked and felt better … it was cleaner. During that time, my body wasn’t working overtime to process all of the meat I would usually consume on a given day and it thanked me. So yes, a month or two of harsh discipline is worth it, if it means giving my body a break and hitting the “reset” button my system.

While it may be very difficult for me to ever convert fully to a pescetarian lifestyle (I thought I often contemplate) as a culture meat consumption is fully ingrained into both my Ghanaian & West Indian roots (meat is incorporated into so many dishes!), I do have a newfound respect and admiration for those who can ascribe to a vegetarian or vegan life. This month throughout my second “meatless” journey, I thought I might check in and posting my progress, hopefully sharing new insights along the way and gain support from those who read this, especially as I’m only a few hours in and I’m already dreaming about having turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast .. yikes! ^_^

Wish Me Luck!

~ Angela