A Phone Call, Journal, & Bar of Soap: A Personal Impact Story of Ebola

11 Oct

Recently, I came across a great piece written by good friend Moiyattu Banya. moiWhen asked, Moiyattu describes herself as a feminist, writer and digital mover and shaker. Currently, she teaches “Women Studies” courses at Temple University and does consulting work for social enterprises in West Africa. As a native of Sierra Leone, the current Ebola health crisis in West Africa is much more than a media epidemiological case study. Quite to the contrary,  this recent outbreak hits very close to home.

The following is her story as told to the “African Women’s Development Fund” (AWDF) which highlights just one of the many ongoing stories on the ground  in Sierra Leone as  young women, neighbors, families, and the government band together to tackle Ebola and the spread of this deadly illness in our global community.

For more work from Ms. Banya, follow her via Twitter @Wcaworld or via her blog.



The Importance and Benefits of Hydration

18 Jul

The Importance and Benefits of Hydration

As we enter day 5 of a 95+ degree heat-wave here in the Northeast and Mid-West tomorrow, please remember to stay cool by drinking plenty of water! On average, about 2 – 3 liters of water a day is great!

Photo credit: @Renegade_blvd via Instagram


Lending a Helping Hand to Families in Need

30 May


Looking for a quick and easy way to give back? Please consider donating today! Donation to support the families of Hale House.

Deadline: Saturday, June 29th


Monday Morning Surprises: My Hospital-wide Child Life Feature

1 Apr


Evening everyone!

Quick update. So I come into work today after a long Easter weekend with a typical case of “the Mondays.”  I finally make my way to my office and begin to check emails when I discover the media department for my hospital has featured me in their staff recognition project! .. *gasps!!*  .. A hospital-wide email had gone out featuring both my work and growing Child Life program .. How awesome is that? .. Working with children and families to close ongoing health disparities within urban communities remains my ultimate goal. The use of  holistic health interventions remains my passion. It really feels great to be recognized for what you do.

Yay for surprises … especially on a monday! I’m so appreciative!


Happy Child Life Month!

24 Mar

Happy Child Life Month!

Celebrating my fellow Child Life Specialists for all of the fun, unique, creative, therapeutic, educational work we do with children and families in sometimes scary medical settings.

Keep up the awesome work! I’m proud of all of you : ]) For more information about the profession Child Life, feel free to click on the Child Life card in this celebration post or “The profession” tab at the top of this blog page.

~ Angela B.